John Woodcock Graves (1795 – 1886)

John Woodcock Graves (1795 - 1886)

JohnWoodcock Graves was the grandfather of Thelma Stevens (nee Palmer).  A colourful and quite eccentric character, Graves was best known as the composer of that famous Hunting song,  “D’ye Ken John Peel?”  He lived at Caldew, a beautiful house in Cavell Street, West Hobart.  A memorial to our Great-Great-Great Grandfather, can be found in St Davids Park, Davey Street.

Graves was, for a time, incarcerated in the Royal Derwent Hospital, New Norfolk, on the grounds of “insanity”.  Fortunately this trait does not seem to have been passed through the Stevens family (although some may beg to differ!)

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